Friday, October 8, 2010

A Tiny Piece Of My Life

Today is a delightful day for me. Guess what? I have finally managed to deliver my "in-house training" on the course i attended last July. Seriously, i thought there would be no such thing of giving this task to English Language teachers at my school. I am not very used giving such talk in english (yes, in class should be no problem) but, among the colleagues who are very good english speakers, it is a very scary thing i have to go through this day. Some of them are Indian, chinese and kadazan-Dusun teachers. I can say english is their first language and could be their mother tongue. But for me, english is my third language and speaking in front of them, sometimes i'm clueless @ speechless. I would sometimes lose my self-confidence being with them.

Never Mind.

A Flash back

A day before the day for this important mission. Let me tell you a little bit about its chronology.

As usual, i would do routine jobs at school. Lots of things to be done.
At midday, i went home earlier for preparing the softcopy for the minutes of our previous meeting of English Panel. My Ketua Panatia asked my help to do so. Since i didn't bring my laptop to school, i had to go back to get the softcopy. Fortunately, my housemate got a pendrive (i don't have my own pendrive-borrowing from a good friend of mine whenever i needed it)

Before returning to school for printing the minutes, i performed Zuhur first. Prayer is the first thing first. Coz HE is my love.

Once i arrived at school, i saw a lot of people in Our Senior Assisstant's room (the only place for me to do any printing job). They were also busy doing printing. I waited for some minutes and it turned to be longer and longer. I could not wait longer coz time is very precious. I decided to go back to my quarter as i promised to my housemate to pick her up. Well i needed her to accompany me to photocopy some materials (the handouts for the in-house training). Guess where? Not in our school compound, but in town of Pitas. I'm concerned about  my own safety of being alone.. hehe).

SEDCO is a small place for us to get things done here such as 'tapau-makan" at the restaurants there. No shopping complex, only a small grocery. I heard there was also a photocopy shop available there. So, that was my destination for this purpose.

I was quite disappointed because we actually have our own photocopying machine at school, but it is no longer functioning. So it was a troublesome for teachers to prepare handouts for students.

The service at the photocopying shop in SEDCO was very poor. Very slow. Very expensive. I was very tired of waiting for him to do it. To make thing worst, i had to calcute the price of the service myself.
The total was RM11.OO. I did not feel satisfied. But i did not have choice.

Well, my friends and I were very hungry. I decided to take them to "Torong-Soko" Restaurant, 20 to 30 minutes driving away from SMK Pitas. We went through heavy rain on our way. My bad mood finally faded away by enjoying the beautiful seaview of the restaurant.

We took almost 2 hours and a half having delicious lunch at the restaurant and drove back to SMK Pitas Quarters.

After performing Asar prayer, i decided to take a short nap even though my roomate asked me not to do so. Well, we are not encouraged to sleep after asar. Not good for our health. but, i could not stand of the tiredness and sleepiness.

I set the alarm to wake me up at 4.30 pm. Unfortunately, "on my way of closing my eyes", i needed to stay away from the bed. I needed to help my new- posting friend to move out to her new place. I was actually sleeping on her bed (a bed of mine, but since i have doubled mattressess, i give her one of them)

After Asar, no more rest. Back to my chores. *(Preparing for the maghrib, Isyak and dinner).

At 8.00 pm i was so tired and sleepy and i forced myself to clip the handouts for the in-house training and the minutes. Ten sets for each. Once I done, i reviewed the handouts. Make a little bit preparation for tomorrow's agenda. I was stressed out, but still can be controlled. I tried to organise what was the best way for my presentation. My housemate was quite shocked looking at me. Both of us would do the same thing tomorrow. But, she seemed very relaxed. I wish i could be like her. Not worrying this thing too much! Then, i onlined for a while. Visiting my favourite english lesson in BBC website. Just a warming up for my tongue and language proficiency for the next day.

At 8.50 ++ pm, i could not longer stand for my problems. I went on the bed. Needed to sleep earlier for Qiamullail. Seeking For ALLAH blessing and Taufiq. Get closer to Allah in times of every circumstance. InshaAllah

I woke up. With a new strength. Telling myself, i can do it. InshaAllah with Allah Mercy. Alhamdullillah i managed to convey the presentation smoothly. I hope they would get something beneficial from the materials of the course that i attended.

To tell you inside of my life, i do a lot of mistakes in my life.

Great lesson

I really wanted to do something better, to improve myself to become a better person,  not to become proud, but.. it is all about, For The Sake of Islam.

Islam is a wonderful way of life. I feel very responsibled for reflecting this beauty inside of mine. From internal and external, i need to do the best in everything i do. I dont want people see me as a bad muslim.

Moreover, i am copying with many types of people around me now.. and i always need to be careful. I want islam to shine its beauty and grace inside of mine. If i managed to do it, it means that i have done something for my beloved religion.

Love dedication To Allah SWT must be shown from the way we practise islam in our whole life. The way we socialize ourselves with people around, they will judge us. At the end of the day, Islam will be judged whether it is  fabolous or bad religion. Don't let our mistakes or our weaknesses bring "Fitnah" to Islam. Please take care of our image if we really take care of our religion very much.

My love expression to HIM will be continued..